Lesson FAQ's

What age can we start our child with lessons? 

   The short answer is 4 of 5. The long answer is that it really depends on the student's maturity level. Can they sit through a lesson and focus for 20-30 minutes? 

How much do lessons cost?

   A 30 minute lesson is $28. Bulk lessons of 4, 8, 12 or 24 can be purchased for a discounted price bringing each lesson down in price by $2-6

Where did you train to teach?

   I did my undergraduate and graduate work in Piano Performance at Ohio University. During this time I took four years of pedagogy classes from Professor Gail Berenson, former President of the Music Teachers National Association, a published pedagogue and one of the top piano pedagogy experts in the world. Studying the art of teaching piano from her gave me the foundation to start teaching privately while in college and then open Studio BT when I moved to Asheville in 2005. 

What is your teaching approach?

   I believe in helping my students play and appreciate many different styles of music. I teach note reading, music theory and technique using method books and the standard conservatory approach. I also, however, add in elements of improvisation at each lesson using pop, blues, jazz and contemporary styles. This allows for student creativity and both sides of the brain being used together. Some students prefer reading music and others might enjoy the improvisational aspect more..